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Bright Rain Solutions is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm specializing in innovative spatial solutions providing GIS web and desktop application development and systems integration services. Clients include government agencies, non-profit organizations and private businesses.
Core Technologies
HTML 5 |CSS |ArcGIS JS API |Leaflet |Dojo |jQuery |JSON |REST
Javascript |C# |Python
ArcGIS Desktop |ArcGIS Server |QGIS |TileMill
MS SQL Server |PostgreSQL\PostGIS
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Bright Rain provides development and consultation services to the EPA in support of mapping the results of the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS). Services include the development of a custom web mapping application in conjunction with an application developed and hosted within the EPA GeoPlatform.
This work is being conducted as a sub-contractor to IndraSoft
City of Seattle | Seattle Department of Transportation
Development of two web map applications using ArcGIS JavaScript API: A Parking Locator map application designed to provide real-time information regarding parking options for the public within the City. A Construction Coordination map application designed to provide the public information about planned construction projects and events within the City.
City of Seattle | Seattle Public Utilities
Development of a custom set of GIS analysis tools to identify potential flood polygons within the City of Seattle based on closed contours. Enhancements to existing, custom GIS data editors. Development of custom functions to convert cadastral data previously maintained as ArcInfo coverages to true curves offered in the new ArcSDE geodatabase.
Antares Group, Landover, MD
Map interface development of a web based contract management tool that facilitates the management of contractual obligations between crop producers and biomass processors. The front end technology uses the Leaflet mapping JavaScript library to present the user with an aerial base map along with a tile layer created with TileMill and hosted with MapBox that shows critical areas and labels. The user can interact with fields, storage and access locations managed as vector graphics as well as enter and search associated tabular data. The interface interacts with a backend api exposed via the ASP.Net MVC framework.
PACE Engineers, Seattle, WA
Implemented GIS at several water and sewer utility districts including the development of custom applications in support of asset inventory with GPS, development of asset management systems using ESRI software, integration between legacy database systems and GIS, and creation of network models. Implementation of GIS based maintenance management systems.
Your Castle Real Estate Services, Denver, CO
Development of desktop and web based real estate tools that support the company goal of offering innovative solutions to member agents.
US Forest Service | Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie National Forest, WA
Assessed dispersed recreation impact on fish populations in riparian areas. Geographic analysis included identifying high impact sites and high impact area using raster analysis.
Colorado State Parks
Instrumental in completing a comprehensive survey study. Roles included: mapping visitor distribution, data collection, data analysis and reporting. The results of which led to the publication of Colorado State Park's 1998 Visitation Study Report. Trail Use Distribution Study at Castlewood Canyon State Park using ArcView 3.2.
The EPA CWNS Mapper is a web map application that displays need amounts for every wastewater facility in the US as well as aggregated needs amounts at the state, county and congressional district level. The application is being developed using the esri-leaflet map library.
Seattle Parking Map
The Seattle Parking Map is an interactive web map application that provides reliable parking information for the citizens and visitors to the city of Seattle. It was developed using the ArcGIS JavaScript API that consumes ArcGIS Server map services through a REST interface.
The Episcopal Relief & Development Monitoring and Evaluation Program Management System is a web based map application that supports international and domestic aid programs from project budgeting to monitoring the progress of program efforts through final evaluation of the effectiveness of program and project activities.
Seattle Flood Prone Area Analysis
Programming and analysis was conducted for Seattle Public Utilities to identify closed contours that represent potential flood areas within the City. A custom analysis model was built using ArcObjects that identified all closed contours within the city limits and analyzed them for potential flooding.
Bright Rain Solutions is owned and operated by David Puckett. David has more than 15 years of GIS experience and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Geography from Colorado State University and earned GIS Certification from the University of Washington.
Bright Rain Solutions is a member of the Esri Developer Network
We are located on Old Town Square in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado
19 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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